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Things to do to keep your kids busy during a move


Moving can be hard. Especially when you have younger kids. Sometimes the easiest option is to have a babysitter or a family member come over to entertain the kids. But there are times it just does not work out.

Moving can be hard. Especially when you have younger kids. Sometimes the easiest option is to have a babysitter or a family member come over to entertain the kids. But there are times it just does not work out. So, if your kids are going to be with you while you’re moving, you will want to have some fun games or activities for them. This will help not only keep them entertained but will help you handle any last-minute details before you move. Here are some helpful and fun moving day ideas.

  • Create a “Moving Day” Activity Kit
    Make an assortment of entertaining things to do for the kids to keep them entertained on moving day. This does not need to be a ton of activities, just a few things that will keep them busy for a while. Some popular ideas are coloring books, markers or colored pencils, or crayons. You can also give them different activity books, sticker books, Play-Doh, etc.
  • Have Their Favorite Toys
    Along with their activity kit, make sure that they have their favorite toys. This can give them some ease during the moving process. Another tip is the smaller and lighter the toys, the easier it is for you.
  • Deck of Cards
    A deck of cards is a simple and easy way to keep your kids busy. Cards are a great way to pass the time. There are a ton of fun games you can play with cards, such as Go Fish, Spades, War, Crazy Eights, or even Solitaire.
  • Books
    If your kids enjoy reading, books are a great option. When you start packing up their room, have them pick out a few books and save them for moving day. If your kids are younger, have them pick out a few picture books. On moving day, find a spot where your kids can go while the movers load and unload their stuff.
  • Use What You Have
    You’ll likely have leftover boxes and some moving supplies after everything has been packed away. Think about saving what you have, along with some markers or other coloring materials, where your kids can get creative. Whether that’s coloring something on the boxes or turning the boxes into something. Some kids might just want to climb inside and create their own fun game.
  • Bubbles
    Bubbles are great for everything. On moving day, your kids will love to blow and catch them as the movers are there. There are so many kinds of bubbles to play with, and this will easily provide them with hours of fun.
  • Have a Dance Party
    If you have space during the move, it might be fun to have a dance party. This will get them moving, especially when you play some of their favorite songs. You can even turn it into a game like musical chairs, or freeze-dance.
  • Bring Out a Ball
    Another idea, if you have some space, is to play catch or kick a ball. If you get the chance, play with them. There are so many games you can play with a ball.
  • Go For a Walk
    Sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery, especially when moving. A great thing to do is to get out of the house, take a walk down the street, or walk around the neighborhood. Walking is not only a great distraction for the kids but is also a benefit for you. Fresh air is great for de-stressing and a great way to see your new area. If you have the time, try going out for a meal, enjoy a special treat together.
  • Download Movies & Games
    Sometimes moving can be a long process. A great way to pass the time is with a movie or different online games. It is so easy to download a couple of movies or games. Watching a new movie or playing some fun apps is a great way to entertain your kids. Download the movies they have been asking to watch or download their favorite movies. There are so many fun apps for kids to play with as well.
  • Create a Contest or Game
    A great way to help your kids pass the time is with a contest. You can never go wrong with a staring contest or with a fun game like Simon Says. Something you can do is to have them use their imagination and see what games or contests they can come up with. You can even offer different prizes for the winners.

Moving can be tricky when you have younger children. When there’s a lot going on around you, it always helps when they have activities and things to do.


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