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How to pack and protect fragile items


If you don’t know how to pack your glassware safely, it is most likely going to break during your move or while being stored.

When you’re planning a move and thinking about how you’re going to pack up your kitchen, the first thing you’re probably going to want to remember is that the kitchen should always be the last room you pack.  Next, consider how to pack your fragile dishes and glassware. If you don’t know how to pack your glassware safely, they are most likely going to break during your move or while being stored. To avoid this, we’re providing a step-by-step guide to help you pack and protect your fragile items for a move.

  1. Make A List of your fragile items.

Before you even get started with packing, the first thing you should do is make a list of all your dishes, glassware, and fragile items. It will not just help when packing, but also when you’re unpacking. A huge benefit of having a list is you’ll know how many boxes and what type of boxes you need for your move.  Make sure you have sufficient supplies.

  1. Sort the items into groups

Sort your dishes and glassware into groups by size and shape.  This is an important step when it comes to packing. This not only helps you, but the movers. Movers know that any glass that is carelessly packed can get damaged while moving. But with the right supplies for packing your glassware ensures it will arrive at your new home in perfect condition. We highly recommend boxes with dividers, packing paper, boxes in a variety of sizes, and packing tape. This first step is always the easiest and the most important, to protect your dishes.

If you don’t know how to pack your glassware safely, it is most likely going to break during your move or while being stored.

  1. Get supplies

Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to get packing.


When you’re ready to start putting your glassware into boxes, make sure to wrap each dish separately and that the wrapping is held together by tape, to prevent damage.

  1. Pack with a plan.

When you’re ready to start, for dishes first put a layer of cushion in the bottom of the box.  This can be packing paper or styrofoam.  Another handy option is to put kitchen towels or a pillow or blanket in the bottom and again on the top of the box for cushioning.  Dishes should be wrapped separately and then stacked by size.  Glasses should also be wrapped individually and then slipped into the divider sleeve.  If you did not purchase boxes with dividers, lay glassware in alternating positions to maximize space and safe packing.

The first things to go into the box should be your heavier items. From there, you can stack your other lighter glassware on top. It is always a good idea to use different size packing paper balls to fill spaces between dishes, so they don’t move during the move.

Make sure they are close to one another.

  1. Add padding

Once you have finished placing your last item in your box, add another layer of packing paper for extra padding, as there will be boxes stacked on top. There’s nothing more dangerous for fragile items, than extra room inside the moving boxes.

  1. Label the box with its contents and what room the items will belong in.

The final step is just as important as the first, make sure to label your boxes. It is very important that you label all your boxes with what room they belong to, and to mark the “fragile” boxes. This not only helps the movers when they are taking your stuff to the truck, but it also helps you know where everything belongs.  It is also helpful to put a list in the box, or tape an inventory list on the outside of the box.

In the end, it’s easy and simple. You should have as many boxes as you can fill up to the top and protect them. The less room you leave for your glassware the better. Regardless of where you’re moving, packing your dishes and glassware as carefully and proficiently as possible is very important. If you follow our advice, we are sure all your glassware or other fragile items will arrive in one piece at your new home. Make sure to make a toast and sip one drink for yourselves for packing your glassware safely.

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