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10 Moving Hacks to Remember


Let\'s be honest, we all can agree that moving is stressful and no fun. However, these moving hacks will make your life and your move a lot easier.

Let\’s be honest, we all can agree that moving is stressful and no fun. However, these moving hacks will make your life and your move a lot easier. These hacks might sound silly, but they have been “tested” and were found to be extremely helpful.

1. Trash Bag Trick

Not only does this moving hack guarantee that your clothes stay clean while moving, but it also makes it easier when you put them into your new closet. This saves time when it comes to hanging your clothes back onto the rod.

Here\’s how this hack works best:

  • While clothes are still on the hangers, use a rubber band to group as many hangers as the trash bag can hold. The rubber band helps to keep all the hangers together, which makes moving them a lot easier.
  • Before you put your clothes into the trash bag, make sure to cut a small hole in the middle of the bottom seam of the bag, so the hangers can go through. When cutting the hole, make sure you leave the ties at the bottom.
  • Tie the bag at the bottom so that all your clothes are secure in the bag. That way they won\’t drag on the ground.

2. Have a “First Night” Box

Having a “First Night” box helps keep all your essentials in one place. Some things you can use are a laundry basket or a trash can. When it comes to packing, make sure your box goes with you, instead of in the moving truck.

Some things to include in your “First Night” box are toilet paper, paper towels, scissors, pajamas, clothes for the next day, and bathroom essentials, like towels, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothbrush, and hairbrush.

3. Before You Move, Declutter

Before you move into your new place, go through every room and closet, getting rid of anything you do not want or use. Not only does this reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack, but it also helps you keep your new home organized.

When you are decluttering, a great thing to do is donate whatever you can. There are tons of places like GoodWill, Salvation Army, etc. that take donations.

4. Use Clothes/Scarves/Towels to Protect Breakable Items

Instead of buying pricey packing paper, a great way to protect your fragile items is by using stuff from around the house. Some ideas are to use towels, or other thick fabrics for your dishes, candles, and other fragile items. You can use coffee filters between dishes to keep them from chipping. Pillows are also a great way to pad fragile items.

5. Label the Side of your boxes, Not the Top

One of the best moving hacks is to mark both the top and side of your boxes. This not only helps the movers, but it makes it so much easier when you start unpacking. Having the side of the box labeled makes it easier to read what is in the boxes when they are stacked in the back of the truck.

6. Use Smaller Boxes

People often think “the bigger the box, the more you can pack in it.” But remember, the bigger the box, the harder it is to move. When packing you want all your stuff to be packed tightly in the box, so it arrives the way you packed it. By using smaller boxes, the

7. Pack Your Socks Into Your Shoes

Socks in general are easily lost, and an awkward thing to pack. An easy way to pack socks is to stick them in your shoes and boots. This way they won’t get lost in the move but will also help your shoes keep their shape.

8. Have a Cleaning Box

When moving into your new home, the first thing you will want to do is clean the house. By packing all your cleaning supplies in its own box, you will be able to find everything you need in one place.

9. Use a Color System

Color coding always makes the most complicated tasks, simpler. If you color code your boxes according to what room they go to, you can save yourself and the movers a lot of time and confusion. A great way to do this is by marking the corner of the box with a color. Then put a note in each room with the corresponding color of those boxes.

10. Keep Track of the Small Things

If you are taking apart your furniture, it is important that you don\’t lose any of the pieces, especially the small parts, like screws. An easy way to make keep track of the small parts is by putting the pieces in a Ziploc bag and taping it to the back of the furniture.


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